Add bDollar as a BSC borrowing asset

bDollar should be added to Cream on Binance Smart Chain to satisfy a lot of short interest. This will in return provide a lot of reserves.

We have seen that coins with a strong short interest tend to be very popular as borrowing assets. Furthermore (and I refer to CAKE), these interests can go in the 100s of % of APY. It is for this reason I think it would be a great idea to list bDollar on binance. As an algorithmic stablecoin, there will always be a whole lot of short interest and thus a whole lot of reserve money to be made.

bDollar is becoming extremely popular on BSC: The marketcap is about 51 million at the time of writing and growing, price is $1.17 (currently still above peg). The address is 0x190b589cf9fb8ddeabbfeae36a813ffb2a702454.

Algorithmic stablecoins have always been pretty risky, so obviously this should have collateral factor 0.

The protocol itself currently provides a lot of incentives so the highest interest rate model should be used.

[ For ] Add bDollar as a BSC asset using the highest interest rate model and 0 collateral factor
[ Against ] Do not add bDollar as a BSC asset