Add CREAM Developer Grant Program to Reward Key Contributors


Add CREAM Developer Grant Program to Reward Key Contributors.

First Grant Recipients are Sam and Carlos for continued contributions to the Iron Bank. Each recipient will receive 700 CREAM tokens out of the CREAM Treasury, or 1400 CREAM total.

Sam Priestley, Yearn Strategist,
Carlos Sessa, Yearn Strategist,

For: Grant Sam Priestley and Carlos Sessa 700 CREAM tokens each for their contributions to the Iron Bank.
Against: Do Nothing.


Since the merger with Yearn Finance in November 2020, both Carlos and Sam have been instrumental in contributing to the development/testing of the Iron Bank / CREAM V2. They are also actively working on strategies and frameworks to further accelerate adoption of the Iron Bank.

We believe that contributors to the CREAM platform should be rewarded and share in the success of their work.


Carlos and Sam have worked alongside Andre and the CREAM developer team since the inception of the Iron Bank, without any promise of compensation. They are passionate developers and subject matter experts in DeFi generally. The Iron Bank would not be where it is today without their contributions.

The team had discussed compensation for these two individuals since December 2020 and feels it is appropriate to provide this grant based.


I/Nascent strongly support this proposal. Providing this grant to top devs in consideration of their work to-date both incentivizes them to continue contributing value to Cream and signals to others that the Cream community will meaningfully reward those who find ways to add value. The message should be β€œdon’t worry about getting a funding proposal up front - if you just get started and do good work, you will be rewarded.”


agree with Dan - no brainer lets do it


I support this proposal - top dollar for top talent!

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Great job with Iron Bank Sam and Carlos! Keep up the good work.

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The voting will start soon

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This is an absolute no brainer and I hope it passed

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