Add fUSD as collateral on CREAM on Opera


Allow fUSD to be supplied as collateral on CREAM Opera


Add fUSD


“Do nothing”


There is a large amount of fUSD minted from both sFTM and wFTM sitting idle in wallets. Although adding it as supply will not likely result in fUSD being borrowed as there is not much to do within on Opera yet. It will certainly increase TVL.

for a video description of how this minting process takes place… feel free to check my video

Furthermore, even if the supply APY is very very low, which it most likely will be for a long time, people will likely not be discouraged from participating thanks to the low gas cost on Opera now.


Would be very nice if this proposal can passed

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Sounds good. I’ll support it.

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This is critical to getting things moving on the Fantom chain. Right now new Fantom Opera users are incentivized to stake their FTM for a liquid staking token sFTM, and then use the sFTM as collateral to mint native synths, fUSD being the core synth.


Yes… next step in the journey