Add XCUR as a collateral asset

We propose to list XCUR for lending and borrowing.
Token address:
ERC-20: 0xe1c7e30c42c24582888c758984f6e382096786bd
BEP-20: 0x708c671aa997da536869b50b6c67fa0c32ce80b2

For: Add XCUR to Cream listing/borrowing
Against: Do nothing

Curate is a United Kingdom registered company founded by CEO and Founder James Hakim.
Curate is the only all-in-one gases NFT marketplace operating on the Ethereum and Binance smart chain.
Curate has developed its very own blockchain “X-Chain” which will support the gasless payment network within the app.

There is a community push from Curate users to be able to borrow more tokens to use in app

Curate Key Facts

  • Spendable on major e-commerce websites and 3 000 000+ travel products
  • Curate Token has $8M+ in trading volume
  • Gases NFT marketplace launching in June
  • 40k+ followers on Twitter & 10k+ on Telegram

Benefits to CREAM
Curate community has a big need to borrow and lend tokens. This almost guarantees a big trading volume. Curate also agreed to make a marketing campaign around that which Curate will take on with the Cream marketing team directly. There is an incentive program planned for people depositing or lending XCUR tokens on Cream which will be directly coordinated with the Cream team after listing.

Future deeper integration of Cream onto Curates X-chain to allow CREAM users to spend CREAM on e-commerce and NFT related products

List XCUR at a Collateral Factor of 0% (according to Cream rules. Increase will go through a second proposal.)

The smart contracts have been audited by Chainsulting.

Lets get XCUR listed !!!