Calling for CREAM Listing Committee Members

Now that that proposal to create a listing committee to deal with “light” proposals has passed, we need to elect Listing Committee Members.

For reference, this is my original proposal and this is the Snapshot vote for it. The original post goes into detail on the responsibilities of the listing committee

I briefly described in the post what I thought an ideal council would look like:

The 5 Nominees must have a diversified background to foster discussion while remaining flexible and agile to move fast. We believe that the ideal committee looks something like this:

  • 2 C.R.E.A.M. Core Team members
  • 2 active community members
  • 1 lending protocol (other than C.R.E.A.M.) active contributor

This design was inspired by the Synthetix Spartan Council .

Ultimately this is just a suggestion and it’s up to the C.R.E.A.M. community who they think should serve on the Listing Committee.

I’m proposing that the initial election go like this:

  1. Anyone who wants to be considered post a response to this thread with a candidacy statement, which should include a brief background, why they’re qualified, and why they want to serve. Totally fine if people want to remain anonymous, but they should still describe why they’re qualified.

  2. One week from today - so May 28 - we initiate snapshot votes for each candidate. The five candidates with the most votes will serve on the initial committee.


This has taken a bit longer than promised so apologies on that.

I’m going to start posting nominations here as it seems like people have been shy about nominating themselves. This way all people have to do is accept or decline the nomination rather than put forward a specific proposal

To start, I nominate @Kiba

Kiba has been an active member of the C.R.E.A.M. community since early days and was instrumental in pushing forward an early iteration of the listing committee. He’s a full stack developer and has contributed to a number of DeFi applications including Index Coop

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I nominate myself as the core team representative.

In the previous post, Regan mentioned that the listing committee should be formed by different people with diversity, including two seats for core team members. As a core team member, I think it’s important for us to have a place in the committee, but it’s not necessary to reserve two seats for us.

I’m more in favor of one seat only, for the room should be left for more passion people to provide opinions from different perspective, and also to avoid the overgrowing of core team decision power.

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As a CREAM fan and relative newcomer to the community, it seems like a listing committee member would have a few key qualities, and it doesn’t matter so much if they are “core” team or not:

  • Has been around / will stick around
  • Has some ability to due diligence tokens, determine scam token or technical issue
  • “Uses the product” – actually uses CREAM, and will observe how the product behaves over time

Also, importing some good practices from Balancer, they have multiple levels of whitelisting:

  1. Purely technical evaluation: will token XYZ work with the smart contracts? are there fee-with-transfer or balance-can-go-down issues that break the contracts? do they comply with ERC20?
  2. [In my words] Does XYZ seem worthy of the platform, and worth BAL rewards?
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I nominate Calvin Chu

Calvin has been a helpful member of the C.R.E.A.M. community, especially on the product side. He was previously a member of the research team at Binance, and is very familiar with the Binance ecosystem


I nominate @penguin

Penguin has been helping to pick up technical tasks from the core team and is very familiar with the protocol. I think he’ll be a valuable member of the Listing Committee


I nominate @benjaminsimon97 from Mechanism Capital.

Ben has previously put forward well-thought out proposals for the C.R.E.A.M. and is well regarded as a top DeFi investor. Having the support of him (and Mechanism Capital) would be a great addition to the listing committee.


I would like to nominate myself for the Listing Committee.

Through Dove Mountain I have consulted the C.R.E.A.M. team for ~10 weeks doing strategy / growth related work. Some of the work I have done includes — writing the weekly newsletter and blog posts, tweeting, and growth via governance.

I’m an experienced defi degen actively learning, farming, and investing in the space.

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So guys, i just deleted my previous post cause i wanted to add more information:

I would like to nominate myself. Just that you know, im Michel Vaillant, very prominent Race Driver and known from many comics and an awesome TV Show from the 90ies.

But jokes aside, im an ETH and DEFI maximalist and truely believe, like most of us hopefully, that we are just creating the future of finance. I joined my crypto journey during the peak of 2017/2018 and was full invested in ETH until Defi Summer where i also invested in cream before the previous Liquidity Mining program started.

Now im a big yearn ecosystem enthusiast and around 60% of my portfolio is invested in the cream token and above 90% of my portfolio is sitting in cream as collateral. Wasnt the best decision cause the last drawdown hurt me quite much, but it is as it is. But what i can tell is that im very bullish on cream as a protocol and that we are extremly undervalued right now. Why?

  • 1,5 billion TVL

  • around 100m MC

  • working product also during the last huge crash

  • Lending/Borrowing + staking + awesome partnerships (yearn, perp, bond, etc.)

  • very silent team which is shipping non stop, we have protocol updates every week (flash loans, collateral cap, new UI and hopefully some awesome tokenomics very soon)

  • we are on multiple chains already and im hoping that one day you can supply eth on eth’s L1 and borrow Stables or any other token on FTM or some L2 if you wish.

  • much more in the pipeline i hope :slight_smile:

This listing commitee is extremly important because right now we are lacking behind. As i mentioned in discord for quite some time, we need to move faster with token listings and determining collateral factors.
We are still the only lending/borrowing platform on FTM so we would have a first mover advantage, but sadly we dont have many coins there that you can supply or borrow and that is the first thing we have to do. Add Spirit, Boo, Link, Crv, woofy, any, etc and give them a suitable Collateral Cap and Factor.

Then we have to change some collateral factors on ETH and BSC aswell. We have some project listed with 0 collateral factor for quite some time. Just look at FTM, RAI, Ocean, RARI, SFI, ARMOR, MLN, UST, AKRO, SUSD etc. Thats TVL and fees we are missing cause we move so slow.

Best would be if the council could work on some guidelines. Like if the MC of a token is <10 Million, then x% collateral factor, from 10-50 Million x%, and so on.

So if you include or exclude me, i dont mind. But please go ahead and fix those simple things.
And what i hope the most is that we can find some kind of community. The discord server and gov forum is quite empty, i feel like im arguing alone and i hardly get any response to any topic. We need to get active community members and hopefully a more communicative team so we can get closer together and bring more people to this fantastic project and hard working team. If i can help with any task, please just write me im willing to help as good as possible :slight_smile:

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Hey Michel, I’ve notice you are very active on our Discord channel, very appreciated everything you did for the protocol. Yes, I agree we should put more effort on Fantom and update parameters for many tokens in order to fit the market demand. Hope you could be chosen as one of the committee members. Good luck!


I’d like to nominate @Rolf

Rolf Hoefer has been an active community member and actively contributes to other crypto projects like MetaCartel Ventures

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Nomination ends here, and the voting has started.