Collateral Caps of BTC & ETH on the Cream Fantom market

On the Cream Finance Fantom market, the collateral caps of Bitcoin and Ethereum are very low, 1.88 and 32.33 respectively. This prevents a large demographic of users in the emerging Fantom DeFi space from using these common assets as collateral and may result in disinterest the platform. It would also pave way for a cross chain competitor such as AAVE being more popular, if they choose to extend to Fantom as they have Avalanche and Polygon.

On the Binance Smart Chain Cream market, ETH and BTC have roughly seven times the liquidity, yet no collateral cap. This is disproportionate and prevents Cream’s Fantom market from being appealing to the general audience of liquidity providers.

A proposal & governance vote towards increasing these caps seems necessary, as at the moment very few people are capable of participating these markets.