Cooperation help

Hey, this is Shadow from Conflux. By messaging you I want to introduce you to our blockchain project and convince you to use our chain as a layer 2 solution.

Conflux is a leading public chain funded by Sequoia Capital alongside large Chinese companies like Baidu. Conflux’s unique Tree-graph consensus protocol is able to maximize the throughput to 3500~6000 TPS and set transactions to be Free for users based on the Sponsorship Mechanism on the protocol level.

Currently, the market cap of Conflux ranks around 100 on Coinmarketcap with around 200,000 community users.

Recently, Conflux launched the Conflux Incubator Plan to explore emerging ecological projects and potential development teams and provide them with resources and support in terms of funds, communities and media. Conflux has supported more than 50 ecological projects based on it.

Would be appreciated to know your thoughts about cooperation, thanks!
E-mail:[email protected]