Cream Exploit Update

I had a large sum of money on cream before the exploit…this put me in a very tough situation. :frowning: It has been some days, any update on the first payment?

Thank you

I also had a big portion of my funds in Cream which is still in there… let’s hope that we can figure out a way to recoup our value, maybe by distributing the value in yvcrvIB tokens to the affected addresses??

Anyway, someone from the team should be more proactive with communicating the next steps here. I am still with the team but let’s help each other.
cc: @Jeremy @eason

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The refund plan is suck on CRETH2 part. I have 64 CRETH2 deposit in lending with no borrow. And the refund CREAM worth only 14 ETH with -14.2% slippage loss on SushiSwap. And you guys still own my 64 ETH in ETH2 with profit. WTF plan. @eason

Base on this refund plan with stolen 12,266.46 CRETH2 that just ERC20 tokens. Now the team own worth ≈12,266.46 ETH staking in ETH2 with daily profit. And dump team’s CREAM token to CRETH2 owner who injured in this attack with unfair rate. How shit it is.

Can we stay more constructive than just saying ThE rEfUnD pLaN iS sUcK, everyone was aware of the smart contract risk and chose to put their funds there. The team has chosen to refund everyone with $CREAM tokens and in theory those could be worth over time. It sucks that i happened to us but we have to move forward and at least I would propose lowering all yearn vaults and LP tokens to a 0 collateral factor to avoid the same attack going forward.

Other than that we could vote on a new proposal of redistribution of fees, but that will take time.

Any further suggestions @eason @Jeremy @CharlotteLW

Where is the 9 million in stables the hackers used to manipulate the oracle through Yearn? This is a 1/3 ass attempt at repayment. Can give CREAM tokens on other chains?

Hi, I was staking my USDC funds and AAVE for yield on the classic cream version for the past 7 months, then the hack hit. Account has been frozen but showing funds. Now when I log in it shows my etherscans but not my funds anymore. So then I read about the claims process, went to the main cream site but it only allows me to connect 4 wallets I did not use or use. I used coinbase wallet to connect to cream classic, the claim process does not allow my coinbase wallet to connect or is an option. Any advice here?

Where’s the breakdown on which APIs are vulnerable and which aren’t and why.