**CREAM governance going forward**

CREAM governance going forward

Dear community members, Cream hodlers and team members.

We need to establish a clear path going forward with community governance of the protocol.

The most important issues to settle first is in my opinion the following:

1 Establish rules for governance.

Who can vote for proposals? Only cream from wallets, or also cream staked for 1-4-year contracts, and LP’s?

What is minimum quorum to pass a proposal?

2 Setup a guideline for proposals.

For instance, a proposal needs to have been discussed for at least 3 days on the forum/discord and have some community sentiment behind it to pe put up for a vote. In addition, the voting process should also run for 3 days.

3 Team need to be more engaged and give a rough guideline about what we can vote about.

Right now, we are in the dark about what areas of the protocol we can have community governance about. We could really use a guide from the team about which things they will give the community power to decide, and which things are possible to implement.

In my opinion these issues are particularly important to discuss and find a solution to before we can continue the transition to community governance.

This transition needs strong participation and guidance from the team, so we can build a framework to further build the community governance on.


I am personally in favor of locked cream in the 1-4 year pools should be allowed to participate in governance etc. on the same terms as Cream from wallets.
The people who have locked their Cream are the ones most committed to the long term vision and succes of the Cream project.


We have already had a signaling poll that had significant support for doing this very thing here.

Regarding proposals, I agree that their needs to be guidelines, similar to what Yearn has for YIPs.

I definitely agree that we are in the dark here a bit, and realistically I think this “DAO” will serve more as a signaling board for a while for what the community wants the team to implement. This should help the team move faster but realistically, there also are just not enough people participating here in governance for any decision to be meaningfully decentralized.

Thank you @dudesahn and @Halfgood- the team has worked on a guideline that they’re sharing and would love your feedback. Will tag you on that thread.

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