Developing the Cream TVL Growth Strategy

Hi @eason . I have an idea about product strategy/product management. Motivation is to grow TVL by attracting large, long-term, sticky LPs and significantly increasing deposits (2x to 10x) for a certain class of existing LPs. Idea is to Step 1: Identify users who have access to large pools of capital to deploy. Step 2. Identify exact bottlenecks which prevent the largest users from doing so. Step 3. We then address at least some of these bottlenecks directly or through partnerships.

What do you think? If you like the idea, I could prepare a 1-page summary/proposal with details on how I could get Steps 1 & 2 done.

I wanted to share this summary with bun and Jeremy but haven’t reached out to them yet. Should I DM you first to decide on the next steps, if any?