Did CREAM become a joke?

Did this coin become a joke now?

Seriously, what’s going on with Cream?

  1. It was supposed to be DAO. Merging with Yearn was decided by devs without any vote. Noone cared because it was followed by immediate pump and dump.
  2. Are we pump and dump coin now?
  3. SWAG delisted - once again, without any voting. Don’t get me wrong, I was against listing Swag (check my post history), but DAO voted otherwise, so I respect that, and now devs decide to delist it like that.
  4. And people that decided to delist SWAG (stating it is for security reasons) were the same people that just recently hyped SWAG - note the devs made huge announcement when they were listing Swag, all the people that promoted CREAM were promoting SWAG, swap 2.0 was launched especially for SWAG… now the same people are saying they are delisting it for security reasons? After sucking out funds from Cream? And according to this article, it was not the first time: https://coin.fyi/news/ethereum/warning-cream-another-defi-scam-by-people-behind-wifey-scam-i6jetr

Bottomline: CREAM looks like one man’s show. Dev (or the team) is doing as they please for their own personal gain and they change the rules on the fly. And to shut people’s mouth they orchestrate pumps and dumps. Disappointing.

Am I happy with Yearn Finance partnership? Yes.
Am I happy with reducing Swag’s collateral? Yes.
Am I happy with CREAM team promoting Swag and clearly using it to manipulate people here? No.
Am I happy with CREAM being a one man show? No.

Questions to the devs:

  1. Why some important choices are made without voing?
  2. Why were you promoting Swag and now you consider it dangerous? Don’t you care about your reputation?
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Interesting perspective bro. I think the team and devs have made great progress for this protocol, despite some clear missteps. Maybe you have contributed just as much as the devs as well, under a different name or identity. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

Otherwise you are welcome to propose positive, constructive changes, contribute code / actions, or express your discontent and dump into this pump. Do let us know if you’ve found a better protocol/token/community.

That’s actually important question! Why Cream promoted Swag and now they are implying it is a scam? Machi who created Cream was behind Mithril, Cream and Swag. Just google Jeffrey Huang swag.live. Why would he create a project, list it here and later suggest it is a scam? Interesting read about Wifey token, so it seems Machi already did something like that? Can we get some explanation from the team? Why Cream promotes Swag and then says it is scam? What’s the teams opinion on Swag - if they think it is scam and Machi created it to suck out funds from Cream, why have they supported it and promoted heavily. If Swag is legit, then why delist it? They got themselves into a corned, either way Cream team looks very shady now.

Oh, so when I was saying that Swag is a scam Cream devs were banning me from their Discord and now they agree it is a scam, despite they promoted it before? This needs to be posted all over the net. What happened here, does Yearn finance know about this? I am glad Swag is getting delisted, but I wouldn’t want Cream’s bad reputation affect my Yearn holdings and unless this gets explained Cream is going down with Swag, those two project were connected since launch and Jeffrey Huang posted about both. Also Boxmining, Wilson etc. All the same people that were shilling Cream were also shilling Swag.

Cream team has some explaining to do. Or this will drag behind this project forever. They heavily endorsed Swag. They made lots of Cream’s community members buy into Swag directly or through the pools. So what’s going on with this Cream/Swag partnership? Was Cream sold now to Yearn finance in some kind of under the table deal? Were community members used or will Cream continue some kind of partnership with Swag? Remember Jeffrey Huang is affiliated with Swag and Cream.

Just checked it - so Swag is now worth 1/5 of what is was.
For some reason Jeffrey Huang and Cream team promoted it very hard (on Discord, Twitter, everywhere). Some with regular shillers like Boxmining. They listed it on Cream, used for collateral and when people discovered their plan, they are delisting it, running away with more than 6 million USD and leaving behind people that lost 4/5 of their funds. You can check on Discord history, that Jeffrey Huang personally vouched for Swag and were saying not very nice things to people who doubted Swag. What’s with those double standards? This definitely needs investigating. Is Swag a scam (and therefore Jeffrey is a scammer for promoting it) or is Swag 100% legit and Jeffrey and Cream have some plans to develop it further and help the price regain the value of 30 cents (why delisting then?)? Some very shady stuff happening here.

Similar questions:

My unfounded hypothesis is that SWAG delisting was a decision made by Yearn team and a condition of the ‘merger’

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The most funny thing is that no one core member answer to this topic…cream isn’t decentralized, cream isn’t transparent and of course cream isn’t a dao