Hey, i need admin help banned my friends accounts and them asking refunds from me

Hello everyone,

We need your support to refund my friends funds, we think admin has mis understand about my friends admin think a same person and admin banned two accounts with 780 TRX and 15TRX we need refund because we are not very rich we are collect money to one wallet (me and my other two friends) and deposit 75TRX and 705TRX but after 1.5 hours from second deposit my friends accounts get banned with our all money. We loss all we can’t contact admins and i put 3 messages from my device but admins didn’t reply it, we are so scared and very shocked about this situation we need your support for refund our money, the important thing we are not cheaters, we are waiting admin reply and commiunity help. Please help us :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:
We take 300 TRX loan from other friend to deposit 705 TRX we need your support please at the situation we can not pay 300Trx Because we have only 129 TRX we are waiting for help please help to us.

:diamonds:banned account id’s :point_down:

ID 1: 1735591119
ID 2: 1666052198

Please help to us.

Thank you.

We don’t have TRX in our markets.

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