Historical APY data, exists?

Is there a record of historical APY rates available for dl?


Currently we don’t keep historical data like this.

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just to understand…why?

Currently not our priority, or you can provide your idea tell us why it’s important.

Do you think that Uniswap Info isn’t important for Uniswap?

Agree, Uniswap Info is important to Uniswap.

So maybe Cream Info should be implemented. I’m not discussing core-team priority, but this is an example on how a community feedback should be interpreted… and in this particular case, we are speaking about a product that could be developed without any problems from community members in fronts of Grant if a governance proposal should be pass, as every decentralized protocol do.

I didn’t get the idea of your last sentence. Can you rephrase that?

I agree Info is important to Uniswap and Cream. It’s in our roadmap, but currently it’s not our priority.

Historical data is key if someone wants to invest any significant capital, time or money, into a project. With historical data you can backtest strategies and feel confident about deploying more funds. Additional funds would bring rates down and be beneficial to the project. It seems like a pretty low hanging fruit, to store and release data. Does this sound like a bad idea? Is it difficult to store the data? Decentralization is about liberating information from a central power.

I agree both of your ideas mostly, but it’s not about “yes or no”.

It’s about “when”, always.

All I can say is your feedbacks are important. Community feedbacks would change the priority on a specific issue when we’re prioritizing tasks. Currently we have a plan on this, but we have to deal with other tasks with higher priority first.

i have seen this question pop up on forum and discord several times now, which suggests there is definitely demand for historical apy data. Historical information can certainly impact potential investor’s decision to deposit; it does mine anyway. Hopefully mentioning the need for these stats will encourage the dev team to prioritise it more. It may well lead to higher tvl on cream


We are fully aware of that.

To be honest we’re quite busy these weeks. We got plenty things to do but have little time to deliver them. Thanks for your advice. I’ll have your opinion discussed with the team, and deliver the feature asap.