How to give voting power to people that locked CREAM for 1+ years?

The Cream team released token locking contracts a few weeks ago and a significant % of the total CREAM supply has been locked inside. The exact numbers are hard/tedious to find as with most things with Cream but my guess is about 3% is locked for 1-4 years, not including the lock rewards.

These are people that have already committed to the long term success of Cream but with the current governance tools have absolutely no voting power. That’s a serious issue!!! We need to brainstorm the best ways to give these people a say in Cream governance. I assume we will want to keep using so it should be compatible with that tool.

So far ideas I’ve come up with:

  • Can we modify to also take snapshots of the locking contracts? That seems most reasonable but i don’t know feasibility. It also doesn’t add weight to people that staked for longer amounts of time.
  • Should we issue CREAM tokens proportional to amount locked at the beginning of yesterday? This is easiest but dumbest idea in my opinion, still works though.
  • Create a second governance token and airdrop to people? Seems overly complicated but it’s the least invasive option I can think of.

Another separate question is should we include people’s lock rewards in their governance power?

If we want the people that have already committed to Cream’s success to continue contributing, solving this problem is paramount.

snapshot can be modified to consider locked tokens

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It can track all 4 contracts + the normal tokens at the same time?
Would it be able to account for rewards too?
How would we set that up? Is it just creating a new subgraph or does it require SC code?

I think locked up should be considered but not locked up rewards.

Yes it is technically feasible to let those in the locked CREAM pools vote, as @penguin mentioned. Can simply propose a vote on whether we should or should not allow this, vote on this, and do or do not.

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@Kiba @chico proposal is up on allowing locked and staked CREAM tokens voting power. Please vote here if you can:

Thanks for the heads up. I can’t vote lol
It’s still unclear to me how exactly this will be achieved but at least we know if it’s wanted or not

it can be achieved via strategies in Snapshot. See docs here:


Damn if I just staked maybe a week ago am I too late :frowning:

No, Snapshot calculates your vote weight for each proposal when the snapshot block is set so you should be good for votes going forward (assuming they use most recent blocks for snapshot time)