How to prove ownership of 1500 cream to add a proposal?

looking to submit a new proposal for a collateral asset, have not found an algo that will check the 1500 cream ownership
when does it happen please?

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If you hold 1,500 CREAM and put up a voting using the same address, your proposal will be listed here ( along with previous votings. But if you transfer your CREAM away during the voting period, the voting will be removed from the page and it becomes an invalid voting.

Or, you can put up a discussion in the forum under “Proposal” category, and if I find it legit, I’ll put up a voting for you.

Thanks for the answer. We’re ready to put up the voting and engage the community, the CREAM is also in the wallet. Alright, I’ll put up a discussion in the “Proposal” category, but where directly do I have to provide the adress with 1,500 CREAM?

When the proposal has been posted to the “proposal” category for more 24 hours, you can put up a voting in Snapshot ( with your wallet which holds 1,500 CREAM.

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Thanks. Will proceed.

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