I borrowed USDT via Cream on BSC

I borrowed USDT via Cream on BSC and I received the BSC version of USDT called BUSDT. However, I thought I would be able to somehow use the BUSDT for something but there is absolutely nothing I can do with it…or I am missing something…What is more, I cannot just convert BUSDT to normal ERC20 USDT on ETH chain because there is no bridge between the two…what is the point of BUSDT?

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Hey, you can always convert the BUSDT to ERC-20USDT through Binance exchange. Deposit BUSDT On Binance and withdraw USDT(ERC-20).

Hi lm isaac actually what is the difference busdt an( USDT. You are ti60ti60 your name? I’m still new here hope to find some benefits here l feel fresh here confatable.

Hello veersingh u don’t mind l would like to ask u something. If l want to made a withdrawal what should l suppose to do in the first place.