I want to swap yUSD to yCRV but the button keeps saying "Unlock"

This happens even after approving the spend. Looks like there is no problem with other pairs though. Please help.

Can you provide the unlock transaction? I want to look into this.

Hi eason,

1st try: 0x062bc4a888615ad7e99ba0b88921a89025af223bb8a94612de177e31eadd53fb
2nd try: 0x5eef0badacb6727b2988bbf11bbbdc019c8219b71d48a1cad35b1552b37e7f73


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You shouldn’t have adjusted the approval amount.

Once the approval amount < wallet balance, our app would reset your approval amount and request you to unlock again. That’s why you keep seeing the unlock request.