Implement Minimum 3 Day Period for New Governance Proposals

I am pleased with the CREAM team’s commitment to improving the governance process as laid out here:îche-a-low-fat-protocol-96c0e8efae0.

In addition, the CREAM team have been moving very quickly. Not only has the protocol been adding new assets at a breakneck pace, but also shipping new products like ETH2 staking that launched this week. This is extremely positive for the protocol and CREAM holders.

However, with the rapid pace of development and additions, important governance proposals are slipping through the cracks - potentially overlooked by the community. As such, the community should vote to improve these new governance guidelines.

I suggest that any new proposals submitted to the governance forum on Snapshot should have a minimum of 3 days for the community to vote and deliberate. Once a new proposal is submitted, the team should immediately post to all social channels: Discord, Telegram, and Twitter.

This will ensure that enough time is allotted for all CREAM token holders to gain awareness of new listings, collateral factors, rewards, and other important decisions.


Voting will start soon