Increase Collateral Factor of CEL to 45%



Increase the collateral factor of CEL to 45%


"Do nothing, remain at current 0%


To increase the usage of CEL as a collateral for the Cream Finance and help to increase and attract new users and capital. Currently, the collateral factor is set to 0% and CEL users are unable to borrow against the collateral.


More information about CEL can be found at

Please let me know if you have any questions.

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There’s decent enough liquidity on uniswap and there isn’t a huge supply side anyways - we are supportive of this proposal

thats great, what we can do now to make this go forward?

Makes a lot of sense! If CREAM doesn’t increase it, the CEL will fly to other alternatives being launched right now, e.g. SUSHI or Fuse.

Let’s go, open a vote to proceed with it.

Good to see that others would also like to see CEL with a reasonable CF on Cream.
Unfortunately I don’t have the 1500Cream to submit the proposal, but I would for sure ue my voting power in case someone can submit it!

note: I think at today’s quotes 1500cream ($300k) and even more the minimum quorum ($3m) we should think about revising the values… otherwise it would start to be very difficult to make a proposal go forward…

bumping this… would someone open the proposal?

upup bounce, someone??