Increase Collateral Factor of CREAM on Fantom

Increase collateral factor of CREAM to 75% on Fantom

For: Increase collateral factor of CREAM to 75%
Against: Do nothing


Increase collateral factor of CREAM to 75% would grant more utility to CREAM on Fantom, allowing CREAM holder to leverage CREAM with more borrowing power and more TVL in general.In a next step other popular tokens like Spirit and Boo should be considered as supplied/borrowed tokens (but first step by step).

Currently collateral factor of CREAM is 0% (for the own governance token!). At least the collateral factor should be increased to the average 45%.


Im totally for this, would make sense to increase the factor as high as possible.
I would love to know what Eason is thinking about a fitting factor, since the liquidity on FTM is still quite low.


Definitely in favor of this :smiley:
Any chance we could move this one to snapshot or is there a minimum number of replies needed?

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Well, for a snapshot we need 1.500 CREAM Tokens. If you have so much, feel free to make a snapshot :smiley: