Increase Collateral Factor of OGN to 45%


Increase collateral factor of OGN to 45% (level C3)


Increase Collateral Factor of OGN to 45%


Do nothing, which means stay at 0%


It is important to raise the collateral factor for assets currently set at 0%. Doing so increases the usefulness of the Cream platform which attracts new users and capital.

After analyzing the collateral factors of comparable assets on Cream, it looks like 45% is a reasonable starting point for a highly liquid ($64M traded in the last 24 hours) governance token that is already listed on top exchanges like Binance.

A few comparables for reference:

Token 24H Trading Volume Collateral Factor
renBTC $25.8M 65%
ESD $700k 60%
wNXM $39.7M 50%
SWAG $500k 50%
MTA $26.6M 45%
DPI $11.5M 45%
KP3R $16.1M 45%
COVER $3M 45%
OGN $64M 0%

Increase! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket:

Increase, please!!! :100: