Increase Collateral Factor of Pickle to 50%


To increase the collateral factor of Pickle to 50%.


Increase collateral factor of Pickle to 50%


"Do nothing, remain at current 0%


To increase the usage of Pickles as a collateral for the Cream Finance and help to increase and attract new users and capital. Currently, the collateral factor is set to 0% and Pickle users are unable to borrow against the collateral.

Further review of the comparable assets currently on Cream vs the 24 hour trading volume on Uniswap, it is reasonable to request for the increase of collateral factor of Pickle to 50%.

Thank you.

Additional Info

Token 24H Uniswap Volume Collateral Factor
ESD 183,298 60%
YFI 4,162,617 50%
COMP 2,797,054 50%
SRM 201,775 50%
PICKLE 1,359,686 0% to 50%

So exciting. I would love to see this happen, A.S.A.P.


I agree with you this a really good opportunity :ok_hand::nerd_face:

Seems like an obvious candidate :smiley:

Latest Pickle utilization, supply + borrow rate… Is there a next step on this?