Increase Collateral Factor of RAI to 45%


This proposal would increase the collateral factor of RAI to 45% (tier C4).


RAI has been eligible for depositing into, and available for borrowing from Cream for two months. As one of the first partners that Reflexer had, Cream has been added to the rewards program meant to encourage RAI activity on secondary markets.

Currently, the Reflexer community is eagerly waiting to use RAI and borrow other assets against it while taking advantage of RAI’s embedded rate. This proposal is a first step in this direction as well as a way to further boost usage in the RAI Cream market.


RAI is an asset backed only by ETH, governance-minimized, and programmed to maintain its own price stability without needing to peg to an external price reference like the USD. You can check RAI’s performance in the past months as well as the current integrations on Dune.

Increase the collateral factor of RAI to 45%.

Do nothing.


The voting will start shortly

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