Increase Collateral Factor of RUNE to 10%



Increase the collateral factor of RUNE to 10%


"Do nothing, remain at current 0%


To increase the usage of RUNE as a collateral for the Cream Finance and help to increase and attract new users and capital. Currently, the collateral factor is set to 0% and RUNE users are unable to borrow against the collateral.


More information about RUNE can be found at The original proposal to list RUNE on Cream also has a lot of information.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Why not increase Rune CF to 60%?

Well, I thought it has to be done in stages. I don’t see any problem with 60%!

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go ahead and submit? I’d love 60 too.

Do I need to create a new proposal? I cannot edit this one.

a 60% collateral factor was submitted on snapshot, voting link is here:

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@taylorswiftfan any idea how much time it takes for the collateral factor to be increased after the proposal is passed? Thanks!

We are working on it. It should be ready soon. Maybe today.

哪里能联系客服? 发了贴子询问也没人回复?