Increase Collateral Factor of SUSHI

This is a proposal to increase the Collateral Factor of SUSHI token from 50% to 60% “C5” as per listing specifications.


SushiSwap is an automated market making (AMM) decentralized exchange (DEX) currently on the Ethereum blockchain. Unlike other protocols, SushiSwap is a community run project that is governed by vote of the community.
SUSHI token is rewarded for providing liquidity. Having an issuance limit of 250 million tokens, with monthly decreasing issuance rate and multi-sig governance, SUSHI is a mature AMM token .
The SUSHI/ETH pool currently provides 44,000 ETH, ample liquidity for liquidation requirements.
This increase should bring more sushi liquidity to the Cream platform.


For : C5 with 60% CF
Against : Nothing changed and remains at 50% CF

Sincere there doesn’t appear to be negative comments, I am moving with this proposal to a vote with a 2 day voting period.

hey there - while I do agree that 44,000 ETH pool is sizable and SUSHI is a credible token/AMM, the fact that the liquidity exists on SUSHI itself makes it a risk.

Conversely, if this liquidity exists on CREAM swap (and locked?) or on Uniswap, that would derisk this liquidity more.

How do you think about the risks of a SUSHI platform failure that takes the pool down with it?

Hi, define “platform failure”… The sushi amm is ultimately an ETH contract . so calls to liquidate goes through eth network.

@eason This proposal passed. When would the update occur?

We’re a little bit busy actually, but I’ll make sure it happens this week.

Will keep you updated in this thread.