Increase Collateral Factor of xSUSHI to 60%


Let’s activate xSUSHI.
Increase collateral factor of xSUSHI to 60%


Increase Collateral Factor of xSUSHI to 60%


Do nothing, which means stay at 0%


By increasing collateral factor of xSUSHI token, it will drive liquidity and increase TVL to the protocol. Current market cap of xSUSHI is at 770M. Cream will also be the first protocol to offer loaning to xSUSHI.


The voting has started


Looks like it passed. What is the typical time period for implementation?

No, it’s not. It did not pass the quorum 15,000 CREAM.

Oh wow . Egad. That is quite a travesty.

Is there a way to repeat votes that didn’t reach quorum? Maybe the whole thing went a bit under and could be promoted more? Also with xsushi collateral enabled on aave I’d expect most xsushi moving there, which would be a pity.

I think it would have a better chance of passing if the proposal was repeated with the standard collateral factor. It would be great to have an influx of TVL to help CREAM recover from the recent Iron Bank Exploit.

Yes, you can put up the same proposal for voting again.

The second time voting has started