Increase GNO collateral factor


Increase collateral factor for GNO from C1 (zero) to C3 (25%) according to the new CF levels. Level C3 was chosen with the expectation that we will submit further CF increases in the future, after “market seasoning” and some time in market passes at 25% CF.


Collateral factor of GNO is increased to C2 level.


Do nothing.


Collateralized lending is considered an important step in GNO token maturation as DeFi lego bricks of high utility.
GNO listing on CREAM was a crucial first step to enable collateralized lending for GNO holders.
At the time of writing $500k worth of GNO is already deposited to CREAM which indicate initial interest to provide liquidity and borrow against GNO.
GNO token holders are demonstrating continued interest in utilizing GNO in DeFi with $36M provided as liquidity in Balancer pools.




  • Increase GNO collateral factor to level C3.

Hey everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m not sure if no response means silent agreement?
Would you support this proposal if I move it forward to a snapshot vote?

ACK. Gnosis definitely adds value to CREAM, and is a well known crypto that will be around for years to come.

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I want to change the proposal and ask to increase collateral factor for GNO from C1 (zero) to C5 (60%) according to the new CF levels.

If there are no objections, I’ll move this proposal to a snapshot vote in the coming days

The proposal is up please head over to snapshot to vote:

the listing committee controls votes for asset listings and collateral factor changes.

the listing committee has decided to raise the collateral cap rather than raising GNO’s collateral factor Snapshot