Info and how to learn for new people

I’m unclear of the exact mechanisms of the valuation for my eth -> eth2 -> to creth2 -> to crcreth2 tokens. What is the correlation between the number of and I also haven’t found a clear explanation of distribution vs supply apy.

I’m pretty new to all of this, and I’ve been trying to do my best to learn as I go. But a lot of the concepts and mechanisms are not clear.
I discovered cream because it’s listed as an exchange for swapping eth for eth2. i liked the name and web design, so i’ve kept using the exchange. but a lot of the mechanisms are a bit unclear.
How have other people gone about learning what’s going on?
Adoption will partially rely on these platforms continuing to become easier to learn and use and more robust to new and less knowledgeable users.
I appreciate any links to help me better understand how cream is working.

If you’re new to C.R.E.A.M. Finance, check out FAQ for the basic concepts

If you want to figure out the mechanism behind CRETH2, check out our documentation for more details

In short, you stake your ETH or swap your ETH to get CRETH2, and CRETH2 will be able to swap for ETH2 when Ethereum Foundation is ready. 1 CRETH2 will be worth more than 1 ETH2 based on the validator reward accrued. Check out CRETH2 page for the accumulated reward and exchange rate projection.

If you walk through all these documentation and still have questions, feel free to ask here or in our Discord :slight_smile:

In short, you stake your ETH or swap your ETH to get CRETH2.

I’m totally new to this
What is the difference?
Is by swapping I will not get validating rewards as of staking?
why would someone choose swap over staking or vice versa.

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You will get validating rewards by holding CRETH2 at the time Ethereum Foundation is ready to the next phase.

CRETH2 will be able to swap into ETH2. You can see the current exchange rate here:, and that’s where the validating rewards come from.

You can choose whether to swap or stake. The way you acquire CRETH2 doesn’t affect your validating rewards. CRETH2 swap is kinda secondary market for the CRETH2, and the price deviates due to the market and pool liquidity.

Hello everyone, I need of your help. I try several time to withdraw my Balancer token from Cream to Trust wallet, but unfortunately only I see loading and nothing. Please tell me how to withdraw