Introduction - Lumberg

Welcome to the C.R.E.A.M. forum! We will use this forum to discuss all things C.R.E.A.M. related here, especially governance proposals.

Please feel free to introduce yourselves as you join with a post here. I’ll start.

I’m Lumberg, an active member within the C.R.E.A.M. community, as well as a few others. I’m the Summoner of Machi X DAO, and also member to a few other DAOs such as MetaCartel, MetaCartel Ventures, and The LAO. As a DeFi enthusiast I believe DeFi is paving the way to the future of Finance/Fintech, and has enabled a lot of interesting experiments generally.

Looking forward to meeting more folks here as we shape the future of C.R.E.A.M. and DeFi together!



My name is penguin I am a developer artist and scientist;studying to become a lawyer. I am involved in several DAOs such as MetaFactory, RaidGuid, LexDAO, MetaClan. I am an Ethereum local and owner of Waterdeep. I like learning new things and helping apply code to do cool stuff like DeFi, NFTs, DAOs and the coming future. I like to think outside of the box and tend to keep myself extremely busy.


Yo waddup. I’m Kiba, just some dudette on the internet. I bought CREAM cause I like the name and cool graphics and then locked all my tokens for 4 years so I’m here to stay. Available to help wherever needed :slight_smile:


Hey :wave: I’m Max, been a long-time follower of Cream’s development, particularly excited about Cream not shying away from being on the edge, listing new assets and deploying on new chains like Binance Smart Chain! I’m a typical non-maximalist crypto nerd, part of many crypto communities, excited about the space in general and DeFi and DAOs in particular. I’ve also joined the team at Ren project recently, my role is kind of being a human interface between the protocol and it’s users, so if you have any questions, hit me up!


Hello all,

I’m Michael. Network Tech, computer geek, beginner crypto enthusiast.
I believe in Cryptocurrency, and recently DeFi in that they will be better currency and financial systems for everyone. I know enough to be dangerous. I’ve been behind the game from the beginning. Discovered mining too late to afford it. Was there when Binance was creating a token yet did not buy even one. Those are a couple examples. I love Airdrops and came across SWAG Finance and had to have some. This is how I discovered CREAM and had to get onboard.
I want to learn yield farming, staking, get lucky and run a few profitable masternodes from the beginning and more. Since I’m a network Tech I like the Masternodes concept for sure.

I need to start somewhere. Im hoping the CREAM platform and also getting involved with SWAG governance earning Squirts and more SWAG by voting being involved would be a good start. I could begin to learn and earn.

I did not like reading about the SWAG token situation. The possibility of a huge scam and theft. Seems to be part of crypto that’s here to stay and that’s too bad.

I also do not understand GAS Fees. What the hell?? It costs 10Xs in GAS then the actual cost of the SWAG Tokens themselves.
Sorry for rambling. Glad to be onboard.


welcome, Michael - good to have you onboard!

Regarding scams/accusations, aka FUD, they’re sometimes true and sometimes claims made by folks that are short the token. This is sometimes referred to as psyops… all part of the game. Best to develop a trusted circle of crypto peeps to share research/opinions and do your own research. :slight_smile:

Hey my name is Wutang, i’m building a dapp on top of Cream for no-profit purpose. Here to understand more about governance in Cream and how are goings economics on protocol side.
Crypto Rules Everything around me

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My name is JonnyFiat. I am obsessed with DeFi and have a strong interest in the nature of DAOs and the opportunity for constant improvement. I believe that things are just better when there is widespread enthusiasm. Also, big believer in respecting fellow DAO-ers and lifting them up to help them be better. In IRL I’m a Commercial Operations professional in Biotech. Forecasting, Incentive Compensation, Business Dev, BI Dashboards, etc.

Looking forward to contributing with you all!

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