[Lending FAQ] SUPPLY


Q1: How to supply?

  1. Find supply assets on ‘Supply Assets’ column.
  2. Click the asset you want to supply.
  3. Click Approve first.
  4. After transaction done, type in the amount you want to supply.
  5. Click Supply

Q2: What is ‘Supply Balance’ on the dashboard(lending page)?

It’s the amount(Value in $USD) of your supplied asset along with the interest of it.

Q3: What is crToken?

It’s the proof of your supplied asset on C.R.E.A.M. lending. You need to hold it in your wallet for withdrawing supplied assets. (ex: Supply CREAM, get crCREAM as IOU token)


Q1: How to withdraw?

  1. Click the asset you’ve supplied.
  2. Click on the ‘Withdraw’ Tab on the modal.
  3. Type in the amount you want to withdraw or click ‘Withdraw Full’
  4. Click Withdraw

Q2: Why can’t I withdraw? It’s showing me ‘insufficient liquidity’.

There’s no enough liquidity for you to withdraw your supplied asset. You need to wait someone repay their debt or newly supply. You can check the liquidity information of the asset you want to withdraw on “Borrow side”.

Hey there. So I have been borrowing dollars on cream finance by supplying etherium as Collateral. I come back today having been on a short 3 day holiday and cream has decided to start using my etherium collateral without my consent to start paying off prematurely the dollars that I have borrowed. The whole point of using this was to start building up my large cap portfolio but at the same time being in my small cap alts also. Can someone please get back to me as to why on Cream is doing this and how i can stop it. Thanks. Si

Why can I not withdraw my funds? Is this some kind of a bug?

Hey @SerQuicky I had the same issue, as a user I also find that this is not intuitive, but you should click the pink circles down that says 25%, 50%, etc. You can’t withdraw because it is 0% now, I think.

what happens if no one repays or new supply doesn’t come in? my funds are lost?