List MM(Mushrooms Finance) in Cream Finance market


This proposal suggest to list MM, governance token in Mushrooms Finance, as a market asset allowed to supply and borrow on C.R.E.A.M. Ethereum, starting with 0% collateral factor.


Add MM as a market asset to allow supply and borrow :mushroom:


Do nothing


Mushrooms Finance aims to provide sustainable earning tools for crypto hodlers since launched in 2020 Nov. Currently its TVL almost $15MM in Ethereum.

Mushrooms Finance is actively integrated with Yearn ecosystem like experimental WBTC vault alive on ape[dot]tax/mmwbtc.

And Mushroos Fiannce is one of the earliest job provider in keep3r network.

There is diversified liquidity provided in Uniswap/Sushiswap in multiple pairs plus it is already listed in uniquote for on-chain price feed oracle.

By listing MM, we believe it will provide more diversity for the protocol to leverage different assets and bring in fresh blood from Mushrooms community.






Great idea! Hopefully with collateral factor following…


Mushrooms.Finance deserves it. TVL is going parabolic because the great team of Devs are always working on a new vault strategy that differs from anything the rest of the space is offering.


Mushrooms community member here, fully support the collaboration of our communities!

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Yes! MM would be a great addition to the Cream platform!

Mushrooms Finance has one of the most active teams in DeFi and also actively contributes to advancing other projects such as Yearn.

Adding it to Cream is such a welcome collaboration and will further the project’s progress while cementing the already built solid foundation.

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Great addition, MM is definitely one of the most active and underrated defi projects out there

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Add as it is a great project with a great team behind it. I am following it almost since its inception and I must admit what these guys have achieved with their modesty and hard work is absolutely astonishing. This is the way!

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I totally agree to with the listing, I’ve been following this project for some times now and their growth potential is really something to watch

Add MM as a market asset to allow supply and borrow :mushroom:

Add MM as asset :mushroom:

Add MM as asset :mushroom::mushroom::sparkles: