List Origin Protocol (OGN) as a collateral asset


Proposal to list OGN as an asset available for supplying and borrowing

For: List OGN
Against: Do nothing


OGN is the governance and ecosystem token for Origin Protocol and Origin Dollar (OUSD). Origin Protocol is a protocol for peer to peer commerce and has released a suite of commerce products including Dshop and the Origin Marketplace. OUSD is a yield-aggregating rebasing stablecoin backed by USDT, USDC, and DAI designed to be a currency that further powers peer-to-peer transactions. It is a stablecoin and serves as a medium of exchange and unit of account while also earning yield for buyers and sellers that use it as a means of transaction. OUSD suffered a hack shortly after launch but has successfully relaunched after multiple completed security audits. The Origin team stands by their products and has committed to compensating affected OUSD users, which is unusual in DeFi.

OGN was previously listed on Harvest as a staking asset via popular vote. OUSD was listed on SushiSwap for LP rewards and SnowSwap for staking rewards.


OGN has a very large and established community (over 500k members) as well as a diverse investor base. Investors include Steve Chen (founder, YouTube), Alexis Ohanian (founder, Reddit), Garry Tan (partner, Y Combinator), Justin Blau (DJ 3LAU), Foundation Capital, Pantera Capital,, and KBW Ventures (headed by Saudi Prince Khaled bin Alwaleed). Adding OGN as a collateral asset on Cream will join the two communities and encourage OGN holders to become Cream users and CREAM holders. The Origin team has committed to publicly marketing and promoting the Cream suite of products.



OGN is listed on Binance (margin enabled), Huobi (margin enabled), Bittrex, Upbit, and many other exchanges. Daily trading volume averages to $12,716,228 over the last 6 months according to Coinmarketcap. OGN currently has > $400k liquidity on Uniswap.


Origin Token (OGN) was included in a Nov 2018 audit by Trail of Bits.



$OGN is a unique token in crypto world :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:
Congratulate CREAM :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


I believe OGN will be beneficial for both Cream and OGN ecosystem and tokens.
Origin has a really big and growing community.
With all the security updates I believe their stable coin could onboard many new defi users.


Origin Protocol is an interesting project that is already in the DeFi space, its community is growing and it can bring more users to Cream


$OGN is an impressive project and the Team is always bringing best stuffs into the space, This will be great for C.R.E.A.M


I think this is a brilliant idea. With the OUSD relaunch OGN can appreciate in price and bring lots of attention for cream. I’m for

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Win-win for both projects. We can build on each others strength. $CREAM must be an amazing Defi project if $OGN wants to be part of it.

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I’m glad OGN might be listed here, I think it’s a perfect match and it will be a great addition, especially now.
I’m waiting for a good news and to probably add Cream to my list of must-use :slight_smile:

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$OGN is the amazing project. Hope to see $OGN on Cream.

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Our formal snapshot proposal is now live for voting:


I’m a big fan of Origin Protocol and usually use Cex to trade, but I believe now I have to change my mind in order to keep privacy, that’s why I’m looking at Cream Finance, Having OGN in this platform, for sure will make me think about using it!

I spread the voice on the spanish community about Cream Finance and OGN and people there were very excited about this possible listing, they like trading on Dex more than on Cex and believe that this will help both projects to keep growing.

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More than a simple asset. OGN adds value to our blockchain and fintech mainstream; how? Allowing us to reduce intermediaries in every single transaction we do. Also, they’ve created one of the most exciting stablecoins of the whole market.

I’m pretty sure it’ll keep growing as a community and as a company.

This one is a no brainer! Origin Protocol is a top tier quality project that has been around since the beginning of the bear market and has been able to sustain its place in the crypto space. Happy to see they’re tremendous accomplishment.

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Excelente, esperamos que está propuesta de grandes frutos :cool:

Nice! Congratulations for Cream, Origin team and HODLERS of OGN :slight_smile:

Espero que esto se pueda llevar a cabo. Esperaré pacientemente, felicidades al equipo.

OGN is a great project to create many things that will happen in the future of blockchain with the most capable team members today.
Open supports being used as a collateral for cream.

Genial, se ve interesante! esperemos que se ejecute de la mejor manera posible

An interesting project, I will be aware of how it develops over time :slight_smile:

I like OGN, its capitalization price is high, I hope it increases its value this year and new things come along :sunglasses: