List $Rune as Collateral Asset


We propose to add $RUNE to CREAM for lending and borrowing.


THORChain is a cross-chain Uniswap and decentralized liquidity network based on Tendermint& Cosmos-SDK and utilizing Threshold Signature Schemes (TSS) to create a marketplace of liquidity for digital assets to be traded in a trustless, permissionless & non-custodial manner.

THORChain has launched a single chain chaosnet that currently supports the Bitcoin blockchain and soon ERC-20 assets. At the same time, THORChain communities are working on Cosmos (ATOM) 、Polkadot 、Zilliqa、Monero/Haven、BitcoinCash and Solana.


$RUNE is the governance token of THORChain. The function of $RUNE in the Thorchain network is as the settlement asset that secures the network through the token economy. $RUNE is also used as an incentive to reward liquidity providers and subsidize gas. $RUNE was one of the best performing exchange tokens in 2020, and gained more than 3000% last year.

THORChain recently released ERC-20 $RUNE in addition to the BEP version of the token. Since launching the ERC-20 version of $RUNE in mid-January, liquidity on Sushiswap has already passed US$15M.

Benefits for CREAM

BEPSwap is the cross-chain DEX powered by THORCHAIN built on the Binance Chain - THORChain plans to replace this with their cross-chain dex ASGARD - this will help the CREAM ecosystem bridge ERC20 and BEP assets.

THORChain is included in CREAM partner’s Sushiswap’s 2021 roadmap as the ideal partner for Sushiswap’s crosschain DEX integration. There are also numerous token pairs in the Yearn ecosystem that could benefit from crosschain options.

With so many incredible developments from $RUNE and the huge potential market of cross-chain DEXes, we predict that $RUNE will be the next blue chip DeFi asset. This will bring more TVL to CREAM over time.

Action Item

For: Add $RUNE to CREAM.

Against: Do nothing.

(ERC) $RUNE Contract Address: 0x3155ba85d5f96b2d030a4966af206230e46849cb

Here I will add some related linking about $RUNE in this thread (Seems they limit the link number in a single post to new forum members)


The social channel of THORChain

The cross-chain dex powered by THORChain

Some information about $RUNE’s integration with Yearn ecosystem
Sushiswap’s 2021 roadmap:
$RUNE’s liquidity and pairs on Sushiswap :

The voting will start soon

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Awesome! Let’s vote “for” on snapshot !:rocket: :zap::hammer: