List UST as collateral asset


List UST as collateral asset for supplying and borrowing.

For : List UST as collateral asset on both ETH and BSC chain
Against : Do nothing


Terra is a growing ecosystem, with the recent launch of the terra project, the terra foundation is leading the way when it comes to trading synthetic stocks on the blockchain. Terra currently supports bridging assets to both the ETH and BSC chain. After first adding UST, Terra’s USD pegged stablecoin, we could also look in to adding Terra synthetic massets as collateral as well (mTSLA, mAPPL, mGOOGL, etc) , this would bring in lots of volume in to crease as it would allow a user to long/leverage and short synthetic crypto assets pegged to US stocks.


TerraUST is an algorithmic stable coin pegged at 1$ powered by the Terra eco system. With the launch of Terra’s mirror product terra has implemented a cross-chain shuttle for both ETH and for BSC chain.

Market Cap: 269M
Max Supply: N/a