LTC deposit/borrow/utilisation on BSC

Dear CREAM team.
I’m a bit conserned about LTC deposit suspension.

  1. I’m now providing LTC on BSC and want to withdraw it.
  2. I’m obviously unable to do it because all the LTC is borrowed now, the rate is quite high.
  3. Yes it would be nice if this would motivate borrower to repay and more lenders to come to the platform.

I feel like lending mechanism is working against me because of the LTC deposit suspension. People who would like to provide LTC with a good enough rate are prohibited to do so. So there is no way new liqudity could be added, thus I’m unable to withdraw.

So. Why are LTC deposits suspened? Will they ever be allowed?
What are my options? Wait for debt liquidation within 2years or so with current rate?

What are the plans for the platform?