My supply has gone


I’ve supplied 477 ADA on BSC

and I’ve withdraw but got only 139 ADA

and on cream website showing nothing my supply.

How can I do ?

Thank you

Mine has too, ever since you changed stuff yesterday. You broke the app.

Ok, I was able to get in. Today though I had to logout of cream, login to my Binance SC wallet, click to login on cream again and connect using Binance Smart Chain wallet. Only then it stayed connected to BSC and not always revert to ERC-20

I not change into ERC-20. I using BSC and It’s showing ADA that I withdraw.
But the point is , I’ve withdraw all but got only 139 ADA instead of 477 ADA.

If you don’t see that gold box that says Binance (BSC) you are on ERC-20

From what I can see is you only withdrew that much, is the rest of it locked in a loan or did you not just click max when you were doing it. I put in $1100 USDT and withdrew it today no problem.

I used only BSC . and I used several time with no problem.

I lost token and cannot recover anymore.
So this is the last time. I use cream.

You get liquidated. That’s all.

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