New Collateral Factor Proposal: MLN on ETH Chain


MLN is the token of Enzyme, the leading on-chain asset management protocol on Ethereum.

Asset Details:
Coingecko token link - Enzyme price, MLN chart, market cap, and info | CoinGecko
Sushiswap liquidity pool - $72.14 | MLN | SushiSwap Analytics


Change collateral factor of MLN on ETH from 25% to 45%.


Do nothing.


The Enzyme team is developing the protocol, including giving the MLN token a mature tokenomics where it yields protocol fees. As the frontrunner in public fund management on Ethereum, the protocol’s TVL and token market cap is quickly growing. If Cream gives tokenholders an attractive collateral factor, it will gain unique access to token liquidity. This may be similar to the DPI listing bringing 15% (as of 7/24/21) of all DPI tokens onto Cream.
The MLN token has DEX liquidity and market cap valuation comparable to other tokens listed on Cream with a 45% collateral factor.


Enzyme allows any user to create their own public/private fund, where they can trade on DEXes and deposit into various yield-producing protocols. It is an aggregator of aggregators. Hopefully the Enzyme team will consider integrating Cream as a protocol, giving the Cream protocol access to more borrowing liquidity.