New Token Listing Starts with 0% Collateral Factor


There will be more and more token listing in C.R.E.A.M. Finance, but before the team lists tokens without any guidelines, introducing a conservative way of listing could make the whole protocol safer and stronger (and save time for debating within the community).

A great solution would be all new token listing start with 0% collateral factor, and gradually increase the factor when the community agrees by voting.

For: New token listing will stars with 0% collateral factor, and
Against: Nothing changed


There are 6 level of collateral factor, and new token listing starts with 0% collateral factor. Collateral factor can be raised to any level by a valid proposal from the community.

  1. C1: 0%
  2. C2: 10%
  3. C3: 25%
  4. C4: 45%
  5. C5: 60%
  6. C6: 75%

All collateral factor of existing tokens will remain the same and can be modified by another proposal.


The proposal comes out urgently, for currently we have tokens to list and we want to list them conservatively.

Considering this proposal is a conservative move rather than a progressive one, we decide to get the voting result in 24 hours to make the protocol safer.

Feedbacks are always welcome.

To vote


This really needs to be clearly listed on each asset on the supply page. I just paid a ton of gas to put out a bunch of collateral, spent 10 minutes trying to figure out why I couldn’t borrow. I’m trying to enter a position that has a cap, and most likely won’t get in now.

Currently we put all token info here: