Please help! my Busd supply became crBusd after DNS incidence

how to get it back to Busd please. this happened in Binance smart chain. it can’t be exchanged to any other tokens.
this is the one

please help to put it back

just goto Cream.Finance and withdraw from the Supply side.

thank you for reply.
I tried and the max is only 344 busd

16491.6 busd was taken out as crBusd without my knowing. I di not withraw myself nor borrow it

so your saying you had 16000 BUSD and then after the proxy you had 16000 crBUSD?

I don’t get what you problem is.

sorry for my poor English.
Actually I supply around 2300 busd to get some interest and expecting to withdraw all 2300 busd later. but after that happened, 2300 busd turned to be 344 busd in cream finance and 1600 crbusd in metamask wallet which is unexhangable and unusable token in BSC chain.

CrBUSD is the token you get when you put BUSD into cream. So cream knows you did that.

Did you borrow anything?

seem like we are in cycle. I by myself borrow less than quarter of my supply.

What did you borrow? because it something goes up drastically in value, then you would start to get liquidated. In your image is used you used 100% of your Borrow Limit…

that happened after 2300 busd became crbusd. I myself had never borrowed 100% Borrow Limit.

BTW. May i ask What can we do with 16000 crbusd in the wallet? Can it be recovered back to busd.or it just gone forever . seem like it is not exchangeable in bsc chain.

If you are willing to share your wallet address I can better look at what happened.

But a DNS issue is not possible to change the blockchain.

If so you can DM me, or

about the crBUSD… this token is your sharetoken (like in IOU) for the BUSD that the system owes you. Its not a “token” like something you should sell, send, or trade. It’s basically used to come back and get your money out.

any BUSD you put into Cream is at the same time converted into crBUSD but not 1-1.

if you want to understand these tokens… you can watch this video.

it doesn’t talk specifically about CREAM… but generally, about share tokens.