Proposal: Add Enzyme ($MLN) As Collateral for Borrow / Lend


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I recommend adding Enzyme ($MLN) as collateral to CREAM v1 for borrow and lend. The Enzyme protocol (formerly Melon), is a decentralized asset management

Add $MLN as new collateral asset on CREAM v1

Do nothing


The Enzyme protocol is growing rapidly and integrated with most other DeFi protocols. Enzyme is led by a veteran team and has a strong distributed community. Adding this asset will increase TVL and fees to CREAM.


Enzyme Finance was formerly known as Melon Protocol. The token has a new icon and name, but the MLN ticker and contract address (0xec67005c4e498ec7f55e092bd1d35cbc47c91892) stays the same. MLN is used to pay for various functions throughout the vault creation process and investment lifecycle. There is currently a proposal in front of the Enzyme Council to substantially change the token economic model. You can read more about it here.


FDV - ~$200 million
Avg. Daily Liquidity of $MLN the last 14 days (according to CoinGecko) = $8.5 million
TVL - ~$30 million