Proposal: C.R.E.A.M. and UMA KPI Options


This proposal explores a potential collaboration between CREAM and UMA to create a bespoke series of KPI options. The purpose of this early outreach is to assess potential interest from CREAM’s community. If there is interest, CREAM and the Super UMAns - a dedicated group within UMA’s community - can work further to refine which KPIs and adresses would be optimal for a KPI options drop.

For: Dedicate time to explore KPI options initiative, to identify which KPIs and addresses should be included in a potential KPI options drop

Against: Do not explore this opportunity


Why would KPI options be a great fit for CREAM?

Growth. CREAM already has so many financial tools. UMA believes KPI options can be a natural next step for growing CREAM’s community and optimizing the KPIs you would like to focus most on.

In March UMA completed an airdrop of 1 million KPI options (uTVL-0621) to 7135 addresses that had participated in UMA protocol in one way or another, as well as governance for other protocols. These options would gain some value based UMA’s TVL. Based on a linear scale, their minimum value would be 0.1 UMA, but if the goal of 2B TVL was hit by 06/21 each option could be worth up to 2 UMA - a significant payout for everyone involved.

The effects of UMA’s KPI options drop were relevant across 2 dimensions:

  1. Birth of the SuperUMAn community with people from all over flocking in to get involved with UMA. This created an abundance of outside human resources with many talents to fill out a roster of probably the most diverse and talented team in DeFi today. These SuperUMAns with the help of UMAs core team members make quite a force in the DeFi community.
  2. Growth in TVL. After an original 72m TVL upon launch in 2 months it reached 221m, with many new integrations and collaborations still in UMA’s pipeline.

Risks and concerns for CREAM and its community.

The Ecosystem fund would lock up CREAM tokens into UMA’s audited contracts to mint KPI option tokens; UMAs contracts have been Audited by Open Zeppelin. After expiry, tokens are redeemable for an amount decided on by the community. Any unused tokens will be refunded to CREAM’s treasury.

UMA’s Proposal

The UMA protocol proposes to the CREAM community the creation of KPI options to help with growth in key areas they would like to see grow. This is a highly tailored and flexible product where CREAM would be able to define all variables of the drop, particularly:

  1. Decide which metrics will be used for KPI options
  2. Choose a start and expiry date for the KPI options
  3. Choose a name for KPI options, so it can be identified in an UMIP (UMA improvement proposal)
  4. Decide amount to be distributed (and/or held back for later distribution)
  5. Decide which wallets should receive the options.

To move forward, we propose that CREAM gets in touch with UMA when the community is ready. UMA has a group of UMIP coaches ready to help you every step along the way, as well as answer any questions that may arise. UMA is looking forward to working with CREAM.

Authors: Super UMAn Discord community - We have a secret Discord group called the Super Uman Lair - feel free to request access if you want to be a part of a thriving new community.


We’re a fan of Cream and think it serves an important role in the DeFi space today.

I might propose that Cream launch a KPI Options campaign with an intention to fire up the community and align them, much in the same way as we have seen happen with UMA and the Super Umans – (Case in point, this entire proposal was written by Super Umans without any core team input. I’m only coming in after the fact.)

Not only is it a good way to actually affect the outcome of the KPI, we’ve seen it be a powerful source of community growth and cohesion.

We look forward to speaking further about this – And to co-promoting it should CREAM’s community find it to their liking to pursue.


I think it’s awesome the Super UMAns wrote this! Shoughtout to @ProjectEqual!!