[Proposal] Count Binance Smart Chain CREAM tokens for governance


Give governance power to Binance Smart Chain CREAM holders

For: Give governance rights to CREAM holders on BSC
Against: Do not give governance rights to CREAM holders on BSC


Since we’re giving voting rights to pooled/staked CREAM I think it makes sense to add altchain CREAM as well. Snapshot already supports Binance Smart Chain as a network. There’s only ~20,000 CREAM on BSC but I think it shows our commitment to interoperability and inclusivity.

CREAM token on BSC - https://bscscan.com/token/0xd4cb328a82bdf5f03eb737f37fa6b370aef3e888

I think the snapshot strategy would look like this (pending investigation into snapshot code and PRs needed):

      "name": "erc-20-balance-of",
      "params": {
          "network": "56",
          "address": "0xd4cb328a82bdf5f03eb737f37fa6b370aef3e888",
          "symbol": "CREAM",
          "decimals": "18"

Shoutout to Calvin for the suggestion.
I would make a proposal on snapshot but until time-locked tokens have voting rights I have no governance rights lol RIP.

Give governance voting power to CREAM on BSC
  • yes
  • no

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Nice proposal here @Kiba and the suggestion Calvin.

While I am all for inclusivity in governance, I also wonder if BSC CREAM holders should govern BSC CREAM and Ethereum CREAM holders for Ethereum CREAM.

We know that Ethereum Maximalism exists and that some ETH maxis may want to sabotage BSC progress. How do we feel about this?

Hi @Kiba
It seems like after the recent breaking change of snapshot, the network argument doesn’t exist in strategy anymore. It has been moved to space metadata.
Ref: https://docs.snapshot.page/guides/create-a-space#3-space-metadata

One option here is we create another space for Cream BSC like APLHA did:

CREAM holders should do what’s best for CREAM so sabotage would hurt themselves. Regardless we should try to make a unified community instead of dividing us by arbitrary chains. My personal opinion is BSC users are worthless and who cares about them but that’s clearly not what’s best for the platform.

Creating a second snapshot page for BSC is a good workaround for now but if we do so we should make it clear it is a temporary solution until snapshot enables the capability (they seemed open given other dapps are going multi-chain too) or we create a custom governance system (e.g. fork Compound governance and enable voting via ChainLink snapshots?)