Proposal: Increase SWAP token collateral from 0% to 25%


This proposal aims to increase the collateral factor of SWAP from 0% to 25%


TrustSwap and the SWAP token had an incredible traction on the Cream platform. The proposal had nearly 2k views and nearly 200 messages. The proposal was passed easily and after a few weeks nearly 2M USD in SWAP were locked on the Cream platform. There is a really high demand from the TrustSwap community to use SWAP as a collateral.


TrustSwap has showed an incredible growth in the last couple of weeks despite the drop in the Crypto Space. Some of the recently achieved Milestones:

  • More than 1000 new projects started using their Team.Finance platform for team token locks in the last 30 days.
  • The Crypto App that was aquired by TrustSwap experienced more than 2M downloads in total just on the Android app.
  • TrustSwap launched great partnerships with companies like Algorand, Avalanche, Decentraland, Digitalbits, etc. to create some of their infrastructure products for their ecosystem
  • TrustSwap partnered with top VCs like JRR, LD Capital, etc. that are constantly investing in the different Launchpads
  • TrustSwap partnered with exchanges like, MXC and many more that are listing the projects of TrustSwap
  • The Launchpad total amount raised surpassed 25M USD in July 2021.
  • TrustSwap launched Mint, a platform where users can easily launch their own token fully audited without the need of any technical background
  • etc.

Increase collateral factor of SWAP from 0% to 25%.

Do nothing.

Posted for Listing Committee vote