Proposal: Increase VSP, VVSP collateral factor to C2


Increase collateral factor for VSP, VVSP from C1 (zero) to C2 (10%) according to the new CF levels. Level C2 was chosen with the expectation that we will submit further CF increases in the future, after “market seasoning”, after some time in market passes at 10% CF.


Collateral factor of VSP, VVSP is increased to C2 level.


Do nothing.


We are trying out the new C-levels system. Please give us your feedback!

For CREAM: CREAM is already proving popular within the Vesper community, based on the recent listing and community chatter. This is introducing CREAM to a blue chip retail/institutional DeFi audience, as well as the usual increases-CREAM-TVL rationale.

For Vesper, this opens the power of “AxB” DeFi lending, which opens a large array of new possibilities for Vesper users, in particular the VVSP token (similar to XSUSHI) token.

self-disclosure of the downside

Collateralized lending is considered an important step in VSP and VVSP token maturation as DeFi lego bricks of high utility. It would slow down Vesper.


Github: Vesper Brewing Co Ltd · GitHub


  • Increase VSP collateral factor to level C2.
  • Increase VVSP collateral factor to level C2.

When can we vote on this proposal?

The voting will start soon

Bumping, for listing committee attention (there is no ListComm form for increasing ratio).