Proposal to add fUSDT as supply, then collat


This proposal is to as fUSDT as an asset on both CREAM BSC and CREAM FTM


There is no coverage of the for USDT on FTM, and the BSC version is unofficially minted


Let’s start with the easy one.

FTM (Opera)

This is straightforward. There is no support for the USDT token. fUSDT

Total Supply: 453,355.291722 fUSDT

There has been a lot of fUSDT migrated up to Fantom in anticipation of the Popsicle Airdrop of ICE and the farming opportunity there. This farming opp will last for 4 weeks, and it would be great if there was a place to park that fUSDT after that time.

Now, for the tricky one.

BSC Binance Smart Chain

The current USDT found all over BSC is actually Binance Pegged USDT

Total Supply: 880,000,000 BUSD-T

however, the official USDT minter produces fUSDT via the bridge.

Total Supply: 238,851.183809 fUSDT

This same opportunity mention above on Opera (FTM) will also start on BSC, but this will only accept the fUSDT and not BUSD-T. Furthermore, LPs for fUSDT/BUSD-T are right around the corner.


Add them both


Add it only on BSC


Add it only on FTM


Do nothing - that will Curd the CREAM

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In the past two weeks I’ve been doing some research on fUSDT. Unfortunately, I didn’t see the liquidity pool on BSC and on FTM that is deep enough to provide a steady price. Both Chainlink and Band Protocol don’t support fUSDT as well.

Also, it is almost impossible for liquidator to liquidate on BSC and on FTM because there’s no trading pair of fUSDT. Liquidator has to leverage cross-chain resource, which raises the cost of liquidation.

Currently I don’t think it’s a good time to list fUSDT on BSC and FTM.