Supply disabled message

I’m new to CREAM and just tried to supply a token but got a strange response from the site. I was going to supply FTT, so I purchased some on an exchange, transferred to my wallet, made sure I had enough ETH in the wallet, then connected to CREAM. The lending page said “In order to supply FTT you need to enable it first” so I clicked on the ‘ENABLE’ button and at the next step I inputted the amount. After that it gave me a message “supply disabled”. Any idea what that message means? Does it mean the site disabled the supply? If so why wouldn’t it say that on the lending page so that users would not go through all the steps to buy the token, move to wallet etc etc. Or is there some setting that I control to enable / disable the supply? Any insight is appreciated.

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I have the exact same “supply disabled” problem with FTT and I have plenty in my wallet. Did you ever hear back on how to fix it?

Unfortunately no response :slightly_frowning_face:
If I find an answer elsewhere I can post it here. Likewise if you find a solution I’d appreciate if you’d reply here. I dunno what’s happened in the world of customer service these days. It used to be that waiting a few hours was bad service but now it seems typical that questions in a forum or a service ticket can take days to get sorted out. Ugggh

Wow, over a week and no response? I’ll just take my money elsewhere. Too bad I can’t get a refund on the first part of the transaction.

I love how it’s been an entire month with no response. What worthless pieces of #$%. Seriously, this is probably just yet another Binance rug pull. If you see this take all your money out of this DEFI project