Time to Execute Collateral Proposal (ways to accelerate)

Good Day,

I am very happy about the listing and proposal to raise the collateral for xSushi. However, there is an issue when the proposal is not enacted immediately.

Aave as a Competitor uses a smart contract system that executes according to a time lock. Despite implementing an xSushi proposal later than CREAM their collateralized option goes live tonight.

There needs to be a quicker way to prepare the team or relevant parties to execute on proposals and update the relevant parameters to maintain its first mover status on more vital and popular options.

I would love to hear more about the issues that are faced in increasing speed and ways that they are looking to be mitigated.

I agree. The intake for proposals and the turnaround time to start the snapshot and implementation is very slow. In the time it takes for the proposals to reach production, the first movers advantage may be gone and thus affecting the protocol’s TVL and relevance to this fast-paced environment.