We need to list more tokens on BSC Cream

I’ve seen all the Proposal category and there has been no proposal for token listing on BSC yet. I use Cream BSC a lot. BSC defi is unique because you can lend and borrow coins like XRP, BCH, LTC, XTZ, ADA vs.

There are some other coins which we can list on cream like ONT, BAT, MKR. These are very popular coins and available on BSC. It would be very beneficial for Cream.

Today ONTO wallet announced that they integrated Cream finance in their wallet. We can start with listing ONT token on the platform.

I think I need 1500 cream token to submit a proposal. I have only 20 so I need somebody’s help with this.

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It’s a good idea. We always welcome more tokens listed in Cream.

So basically you suggest that we list ONT, BAT and MKR on BSC. Can you provide more insight about it? Like provide background information, and why Cream Community should support this?

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When we list BAT and MKR, Cream will be the only platform on BSC where you can lend and borrow these coins. I think this will bring good amount of liquidity and attention to Cream.
You can lend ONT only on Fortube-BSC but I can’t trust that site.
I’m an arbitrage trader and I borrow all these coins to trade. Now I pay %18 interest on binance to borrow ONT. When we list ONT here, I’ll repay on Binance and borrow on Cream.
Like I said on my first post BSC defi is unique because you can lend and borrow non erc-20 tokens.
Cream is the only platform on BSC that I can trust and provide thousands of dollars of liquidity.
I’ll be providing more if we can list these coins. I’m sure there will be more people who will want use this opportunity on Cream-BSC.

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Currently we don’t have governance on BSC. I’ll bring your opinion to the team.

We welcome more tokens listed but we’re also busy right now. I might not be able to give you a schedule about it. Thus, I suggest that you find more support within the community. The more support you have, the higher priority we’re likely to take this.


Thank you for your input here - makes sense and I think we should support this direction.

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Thanks for support…

Dogecoin is now available on Binance Smart Chain. Let’s list dogecoin on Cream and be the first platform that people can lend and borrow Dogecoin on.

Thanks for listing BAT, I hope we list Doge next. There is still no other place to lend&borrow DOGE on defi. I’m sure this asset will bring a lot of liqudity to cream.

There is a lot of short interest on bdollar (market cap 50m, algorithmic stablecoin), I think providing it as a 0 collateral token on BSC will be highly lucrative to the reserves and really help the short interest out as well.

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Hi, Can we list XLM (Stellar), ONT (Ontology), AVAX (Avalanche) on Cream BSC? These coins are not listed on any other lending platform, because they are newly enabled as BEP-20 token by binance. These coins can bring good amount LTV to Cream because you can’t lend&borrow them anywhere else. They have great liquidty on exchanges so they don’t pose risk. I think it will be great addition to Cream BSC. Thanks.

It’s important that it has on-chain liquidity when we are considering listing an asset, but these three tokens have very little liquidity on PancakeSwap.

I think ONT is worth considering since it has great potential. I’ll keep an eye on them.

RenZEC, BCH, XTZ, YFI, BAT have almost no on-chain liquidity too but they have been listed on Cream Bsc. Liquidator can easily liquidate ONT, XLM and AVAX on centralized exhanges, these coins have huge liqudity there.