Withdrawal gone (0 BNB transaction)

Hi there!

I tried to withdraw my 0.5 BNB from the pool back to my Metamask Wallet. For some reason the amount tranferred is Zero;

My supply of 0.5BNB in the BSC supply is gone anyway.

Can someone help me retrieve it?

Thank you in advance!

You have received. Check tx again.

TRANSFER 0.500000166653580545 BNB From Cream.Finance: crBNB Token To 0x00ab1dc879d116eecf50e77b9b6e79b3222f7aeb

Ah Thanks! Missed that.
I’m having trouble converting it back to regular BNB. There is no option to swap crBNB: Can you help?

You don’t swap but withdraw with crBNB.

Go to https://app.cream.finance on BSC connecting with the wallet holding crBNB, and you’ll find there’s available BNB for you to withdraw. Once you withdraw BNB, you’ll burn crBNB. That’s how it works.

Thank you! The crBNB got sent to my address:

However, i can’t withdraw any BNB. It shows no balance. It’s really weird, i had no problems in other pools.